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Greater Omaha Experience

This leadership experience has impacted over 600 intentional leaders in the Greater Omaha Area.  Our intention is to design an experience that promotes collaboration, inspires renewed vision, and secures intentional application as you leave to create your next best day.  




World Class Speakers

Past speakers of Live2Lead have included Simon Sinek, Dave
Ramsey, Warrick Dunn, Patrick Lencioni, Chris Hogan, and Rachel Hollis.
And of course... John C. Maxwell

An Exceptional Leadership Experience

Live2Lead Experiences are held in settings designed to engage and inspire. 
Your greatest takeaways will be secured through the design of the day.



Partnership Opportunities

Represent your organization well among intentional leaders.  We develop partnership opportunities to both promote and serve your business.

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Live2Lead 2020 Growth Summit



We are often asked how a broadcast can hold impact.  
  • Live2Lead is produced with the intent of tens of thousands of viewers worldwide experiencing the speakers through a broadcast.
  • The Live2Lead Omaha Experience settings inspire engagement and collaboration.
  • The power of a consistent message being received by intentional leaders is beyond measure.
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Private Broadcasts

Organizations may create their own Live2Lead Experience from October through February.  Each year there are new speakers, new content and a new experience.  

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